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Working for a Scotland which is fairer for all


Who we are

Welfare Scotland is a registered non-profit organisation working to help create a fairer, more equitable and more prosperous Scotland. (Read more about us)

What we do

We work with partner organisations and agencies from across Scotland and the rest of the UK in order lobby for legislative reform and the design, creation and adoption of legislation and public policy which delivers fair, just and equitable outcomes for those in society who are most in need, vulnerable, disenfranchised and who are all too often unheard in society.

Some of the services we provide

We provide a range of welfare rights advice and support services including support in housing disputes, landlord issues, social housing applications, benefits advice, support to complete PIP/ADP forms, consumer rights complaints and a range of other advice services.

While we do try to assist anyone who needs it, we do prioritise disabled people, those living with chronic illnesses and the family members or carers who support them.